LEAPYEAR for the Emerging Adult
Sam Bull, LEAPNOW's founder, speaks about the need for a different kind of education to meet the needs of emerging adults.

An Introduction to LEAPYEAR
LEAPNOW founder Sam Bull introduces LEAPYEAR - which is both a year of college and the quintessential gap year. The many components of LEAPYEAR are broken down and made clear through words and photos.

The Philosophy of LEAPYEAR
This video speaks to the dysfunctions of our current system of compulsory education, and introduces the reasons why the intent, structure and content of LEAPYEAR is an effective antidote.

Sam Bull talks about Transforming Education and the goals and philosophy of LEAPNOW. This is a must-see video for anyone wondering "Why take a gap year?" or more specifically "Why LEAPNOW?". It contains valuable information for all interested students, parents, and counselors.

Part II of the video above - a valuable re-framing of how education could better serve young adults during the challenging years of late adolescence.

Student Interviews and Projects

Profile: Brendan
During the 2008/09 LEAPYEAR, Brendan traveled to India with his group and studied Shaolin Kung Fu in China for his spring internship. Brendan gave us this interview at his one-year Reunion in June 2010.

Profile: Sarah
Sarah traveled to India and was a midwifery intern in Bali for her LEAPYEAR in 2008.

Profile: Rae
Rae traveled to India, Vancouver B.C., and Tanzania for her LEAPYEAR in 2005. Rae returned each year for LEAPYEAR reunions. This interview was taped at the June 2010 reunion.

Erica Bailey
Erica participated in the 2007 LEAPYEAR, traveling to India and Liverpool, England. Erica put together this short video of her experiences.

Student Song
The day she was interviewed and accepted, one student wrote this song about LEAPYEAR. In the 2010/11 LEAPYEAR she traveled with her group to India, and completed her internship in Cuba.

Maggie Doyne
Maggie traveled to New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia on a LEAPNOW Semester in Fall 2005. She subsequently volunteered at an orphanage in India. Traveling to Nepal, Maggie was move by the plight of the children there. She has since created and registered a non-profit and orphanage, and is the Winner of the 2009 Do Something Awards and the Cosmo Girl 2008 Born to Lead Award. Read more about Kopila Valley Children's Home and BlinkNow.